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Board of Directors

2021 Board of Directors

Love to hear from you!! Please e-mail for questions, suggestions, concerns, or anything in your mind. It helps us to improve.

The Seals Swim Club ("SC") is administered Board of Directors comprised of volunteer parents/guardians of SC swimmers. Each year, parents/guardians are nominated to run for a Board position. The nominees who achieve the majority of parents/guardians votes (one vote per family) are elected to serve a 12-month Board term.*

Board members may serve multiple terms - and there is no limit on the number of terms (consecutive or otherwise) that a parent/guardian can serve. If a Board member leaves the Board during his/her term, the remaining Board members fill the responsibilities of the vacated position for the remainder of the term. Each Board member has a specific title and job description, as defined by the SC By-Laws.

*Board Term: The Board term begins immediately following the end of each season and continues for a 12- month period. For example, the 2018 Board of Directors will begin transition of responsibilities in August 2018 and the 2019 Board responsibilities officially begin in September 2018. The Board can expect to meet in person at least once each monthly. The meeting cadence, location, and time will be determined and agreed upon by the Board members.

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